Heaping rolls of injera at Habesha in Malden, 22 January 2016.

Where to buy your injera in Boston

If you’re craving injera, or attempting to make Ethiopian dishes at home (I suck at this too), and want to have injera, you can buy it in or near Boston (including Cambridge, Roxbury, and Malden):

Email me at lydia@autistichoya.com if you know about another location not listed here!

Photo of pieces of injera folded on a plate at Buna in Los Angeles.
Photo: Pieces of injera folded on a plate at Buna in Los Angeles.

Dudley Square
1127 Harrison Avenue
Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119

This place can be hard to find if you’re not walking or biking. It’s right in Dudley Square. It has a huge parking lot in front of it, so no need to worry about parking, but you can’t enter the parking lot off of Washington Street. You have to enter through Harrison Avenue instead. There are stairs inside, so it is not wheelchair accessible. There is a yellow sign over the door that says Merkato. They sell injera freshly prepared every day from the folks at Addis Cafe in Malden. It’s $5 for six pieces of injera in a bag. They also sell every Ethiopian spice. They accept credit cards and cash.

You can also buy injera if you walk around the side of the building and enter there, from a different marketplace.

Central Convenience
Central Square
468 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

This place has a green and white sign outside the front. It’s squished directly between Mary Chung’s (the Chinese place) and The Middle East (which is on a corner). They sell injera if you ask for it. It’s not displayed on any of the shelves. You must ask the proprietor. It’s $5 for five pieces of injera (I think) in a bag. They only take cash.

Shell Gas Station
Brigham Circle
1600 Tremont Street
Roxbury, Massachusetts 02120

This gas station is right at Brigham Circle, next to the JP Licks and across from a Dunkin Donuts. They have the injera behind the counter, so you also have to ask for it. It costs $5 for 5 pieces.

Brigham Circle
722 Huntington Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02115

This 7-11 is right at Brigham Circle (and basically across the street from the Shell gas station described above. Should also be $5 for 5 pieces. You also need to ask for it. Theirs is more sour than the injera at Shell, or so I’m told.

Punjab Mini Mart
1576 Tremont Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02120

This place is between Roxbury Crossing and Mission Hill, and about a block or closer from the Dunkin Donuts near Brigham Circle as well. The injera is in a basket near the counter, and it’s $5 for 6 pieces.

Malden Mini Mart
539 Main Street
Malden, Massachusetts 02148

It’s right beside Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant. They accept credit cards and cash. I forget how much it costs or for how many pieces. There is parking beside the place, but the entrance to the parking area is super narrow and there are very limited spaces. There is also metered street parking in the area. For public transit, the place is about a 5-7 minute walk (for a typical person) from Malden Center T Station, or you can get off any of the 99, 101, 104, 105, 131, 136, or 137 buses at Main Street and Salem Street for less than a block’s walk there (and to Habesha).

Blue Nile Foods
196 Quincy Street
Dorchester, Massachusetts 02121
(617) 784-6243

This place is only open weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

South End Food Emporium
465 Columbus Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
(617) 536-7172

Food Basket
563 Columbus Avenue # 1
Boston, Massachusetts 02118
(617) 867-9094


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